* Physical Healing * Transformation * Prosperity * Loving * Trust * Abundance * Connection to Earth * Mother Nature * Nurturing * Nostalgic * Summer Love * Carefree * Loving Kindness * Free Spirited * Gentle Release * Explorative * Happy Go Lucky * Restores Balance * Rejuvenating * New Beginnings * Renewed Outlook on Life * Life of the Party * Transformation * Renewed Vigor * Self Forgiveness * Makeover of the Mind *

      Like a fresh cut lawn in the middle of summer, Peridot brings back nostalgic glimpses of the past, setting your mind at ease, and placing you into a calm like zen no matter the hectic buzz that might be going on around you. Taking its first roots off the shores of ancient Egypt, this summer stone has captivated the hearts of royals and commoners alike for melania. The magical gift from the heart of Mother Nature comes loaded with healing properties, as its deeply calming and balancing ebbs flow through you, allowing for good health, restful slumbering, and restoring harmony to the body, mind and soul. The stone works wonders for those struggling with egocentric issues such as spite, envy, jealousy or desire, as Peridot invites you to release the heavy mental baggage, stop carrying yesterday's old news, and to simply get out and live your life with renewed vigor and excitement. While not common everyday knowledge, those in the know understand that physical health is related to mental and emotional stability, and this stone hits a homerun when it comes to letting go of restrictive and damaging emotions. The Solar Plexus is at the core of how we identify ourselves, and Peridot helps to realign and revision this self identity as it helps us to let go, turn off the old vinyl records of negativity, as it begins to tap into the jazzy rhythms of the soul, ensuring a connection to the heart chakra as you begin to live your best new life. Say hello to being the life of the party again as you say yes to Peridot.

      Element:      Earth

      Zodiac:        Leo, Virgo

      Chakras:      Heart, Solar Plexus

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