Himalayan Rock Salt (喜馬拉雅鹽)

Himalayan Rock Salt (喜馬拉雅鹽)



      * Grounding Energy * Cleansing * Opens Heart * Fosters Self Love * Encourages Boundary Setting * Promotes Healthier Lifestyle * Reduces Stress * Calming * Relieves Tension * Alleviates Anger * Heals * Anti Allergen * Negative Ions * Protective Talisman * Cleanses Workspace * Increases Concentration * Grounding * Cleanses the Air * Ayurvedic *

      Himalayan Rock Salt can be used to purify and clear all the chakras in the body, however it is most commonly linked to the heart chakra. Combining the energies of the Sun, Earth, and ancient ocean it will connect one's heart to the divine love of mother Earth, wrapping people in a deep protection of unconditional love. Himalayan Salt has dozens of healing elements that our bodies can fully utilize. Through consuming as food, or just through heating through a salt lamp we can begin to reap the benefits of these minerals. As the suns negative ions provide their healing energy, so too will these magical salt crystals energize us and cleanse us of our overload of positive ions. There have been some studies that show Salt Lamps to increase negative ions in the body between 150-300%. These negative ions work to ionize the body, aiding in the treatment of respiratory issues, alleviating allergies, rheumatism, and blood imbalances. Having a high level of negative ions in the air will begin to neutralize bacteria in the atmosphere. This will bring relief to allergies, congestion, headaches, fevers, asthma, and lung disorders. It will also stimulate the immune system, and increase concentration. For thousands of years salts have been used as a form of protection. You can use salt to protect your space from evil spirits. Sprinkle it around the house, and at the entrance of the home to block negative energies from coming in. You can also use it in spell work, protection talismans, and protection candles. It can be used as a lamp in healing ceremonies to clear the air and keep a person grounded

      Elements:  Earth & Fire

      Zodiac:      Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio

      Chakras:    Heart

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