Rutilated Quartz (髮晶)

Rutilated Quartz (髮晶)



      * Higher Self * Personal Growth * Elevated Consciousness * Manifestation * Draws Love * Unblocking Energy * Clears Aura * Aligns All Chakras * Mental Clarity * Cosmic Light * Promotes Spiritual Growth * Antidepressant * Assists Infertility * Thyroidism * Replaces Torn Tissue * Regenerative * Heals Wounds of Mind, Heart & Body * Life Path * Manifestation * Leadership * Knowledge * 

      This stone assists with all chakras, and contains a strong aura of manifestation and setting personal intentions and goals. It aids in clearing the mind to make room for personal and spiritual growth and move forward from negative energies of the past. Rutilated Quartz is also a beneficial stone for meditation and has the ability to connect one to higher realms through the meditative state and dreams.  This is one of the very few minerals in the world known to enhance and accelerate every aspect of your life, as well as unique abilities such as channeling, psychic intuition, manifestation, and astral travel. Use caution, as this mineral can also activate any negative vibrations one is feeling or carrying. Best to be worn on or near the body, as this stone is also very good at healing physical wounds, regenerating tissue, and even mending a broken heart.

      Rutiles or Inclusions: Different color rutiles, or inclusions in the stone can have differing effects, as the black tourmaline inclusions have been known to transform and keep universal energies present, to attract love and power to the heart and root chakras, and to guide decisive action. Meanwhile, the golden inclusions relieve fears and phobias, enhance new opportunities and sense of direction, attracts wealth and abundance. The red hair, or rabbit hair inclusions have been known to instill happiness and self worth, confidence, and renewed sense of love.

      This is definitely one of Inner Bliss's TOP 5 Best Stones

      Element:        Storm/Spirit

      Zodiac:          Gemini, Leo, Taurus (All)

      Chakras:       All 114 in the Body

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