Consultation & Custom Requests

Crystal Consultation &
Custom Requests

Whether its requests for large bulk orders, inquiry on a certain stone that you can't locate, or if you're simply wanting to know where to get started with crystals and you're seeking a free consultation, we've got you covered.

Free crystal consultation

If you are interested in working with healing crystals, and simply don't know where to start, we are here to help. Whether it's how to start, where to place them in your home, or simply which crystals should work best for you, reach out and we'll share our expertise. Please simply send us a quick message, and we will respond within 2-4 days with the requested suggestions.
For Jewelry related queries, kindly share the following info:
* Birthday
* Area of concern or struggles (aches, anxiety, depression, etc.)
* Favorite Color
For Crystal placement in the home or workplace:
* Desired location of placement (attach photo of intended area)
* Area of concern or struggles (aches, anxiety, depression, etc.)

bulk order INQUIRIES

BULK CRYSTAL SOURCING & WHOLESALE: We are happy to help spread Inner Bliss, if you are simply looking for someone to assist you in the bulk purchase of particular crystals, we've got you covered. Inner Bliss can source the highest quality pieces on your behalf, always ensuring the highest quality at the best prices (whether for intended resale or your party planning needs). Let Inner Bliss source crystals based on your requirements (colour, shape, size) to ensure quality, and that you get exactly what you're looking for.


Alternatively, if you are simply wanting our assistance to craft a special jewelry piece based on your own unique tastes and preferences, that can work as well, simply let us know your requirements and we will take care of the rest.

Thank you for sharing your concerns

Please let us know how we may be of assistance.

Namaste! We should respond within 2 working days!