Phantom Quartz (幽靈)

Phantom Quartz (幽靈)



      * Higher Consciousness * Elevated Awareness * Collectiveness * Empathy * Telepathy * Steadfast * Forward Trajectory * Mental Transitions * Adaptive * Elevating * Emotional Healing * Enhances Artistic Nature * Inspiration * Peace of Mind * Calming * Trance Inducing * Self Respect * Humility * Patience * Power Through Mental Blocks * Group Projects *

      Phantom Quartz is the perfect companion for someone looking to move on from the past and learn from emotional turmoil. It reminds you that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Life moves on, and there’s a lot to learn from the suffering you endure. Phantom Quartz provides great healing energies in overcoming emotional issues and traumas by allowing us to go back and look at the source of the injury. This is accomplished in a calm, almost removed way as one might enter a trance like state to perform works of great creativity (art, music, writing, etc.). Phantom Quartz, when used with respect, humility and patience, can reveal many answers to questions we have pondered. Many times these answers may come as mental images or pictures accompanied by a "knowing", then understanding and finally a release from what we perceived as mental limitations. This is the perfect stone to have around if you have group related projects that need to be completed, especially within a given timeframe.

      Element:       Water

      Zodiac:         Cancer, Aries

      Chakras:  Depends on Color of Inclusions (White: Crown; Blue : Throat; Green : Heart; Yellow : Solar Plexus; Orange : Sacral; Black / Red : Root)

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