Quantum Quattro (量子石英)

Quantum Quattro (量子石英)



      * Universal Healing * Connection with Mother Earth * Emotional Release * New Beginnings * Anti-Anxiety * Stress Release * Spirit Realm * Protection * Open Communication * Internal Voice * Change Habits * Universal Wisdom * Aura Cleansing * Loving Affirmations * Detoxification * Rejuvenation * Wellness *

      Only recently discovered in Africa, this rare new age crystal is an energetic powerhouse combination of copper based minerals, including Shattuckite, Chrysocolla, Dioptase and Malachite in a Smoky Quartz matrix. Each of these crystals work wonders on their own, however when combined together their synergy only serves to enhance the healing and spiritual benefits. Maintaining strong connections to the Third Eye, Throat, and Heart chakras, the stone mixes healing with protection and encourages open communication. It will help you acknowledge and let go of your emotional traumas and release yourself from your emotional patterns. Offering cleansing to your energy fields and aura alike, this stone also acts as a shield, protecting you from negative influences and those that would wish you ill intent. It’s a stone that will help you connect with the higher realms and the universal wisdom. Whenever you feel like something’s off and you’re out of alignment, this stone will help you correct the imbalance. Believed to release major blockages of negative energies that have been long repressed and may be locked within one’s emotional energy field, when used properly this stone is said to enhance and strengthen ones immune system and to assist in healing on a cellular level. This will allow an opening of all the previously inaccessible gateways to the direct emotional healing that the Universe has to offer.

      Element:   Earth & Water

      Zodiac:      ALL

      Chakras:   Third Eye, Throat, Heart