Ruby Kyanite (藍晶石中的紅寶石)



      * Strength * Creativity * Trauma * Emotional Stability * Self Reflection * Introspection * Courage * Relaxing * Nourishing * High Vibrations * Relieves Stress * Emotional Release * Confidence * 

      The energies of Ruby in Kyanite combined offer strong emotional support and self reflection during difficult times. The Ruby, which offers endless courage and strength, combined with the relaxing and nourishing vibrations of the Kyanite, will be felt immediately. This crystal will start working to heal your emotional body and relieve all the weight that you carry on your hearts due to trauma. The Ruby itself will aid in providing strength and confidence, something that people struggle with daily.  This stone allows us to “root” back into earth with an open heart that has begun healing and strengthening. You will soon notice how often you begin to speak from your heart, and not from all the toxicity that once surrounded it. Ruby Kyanite is one of the more powerful stones but will not be overwhelming to sensitive or new users.

      Element:       Water

      Zodiac:         Cancer, Aquarius

      Chakras:       Third Eye, Heart, Root

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