Strawberry Quartz (士多啤梨水晶)

Strawberry Quartz (士多啤梨水晶)



      * Self Love * Passion * Inner Growth * Development * Advancement * Affection * Self Confidence * Libido * Sex Drive * Love Making * Joy * Strength * Balance * Luck & Fortune * Abundance * Expansion * Creativity * Inner Peace * Stability * Soothing * Focus * Sports Activity *

      Strawberry Quartz enlightens your heart chakra and grounds your aura. The softness of the Lepidolite within can be felt during meditation, naturally working to sooth and calm your body. The conjunction of these minerals assists in the realignment of your chakra system. This aids you in finding a healthy inner balance of your emotions and how to best express them. You may seek new outlets as you begin to learn more about yourself while uncovering hidden passions. With inner peace and self love come the ability to let go of negative emotions related to past physical and mental trauma, especially those that do not serve your best self, thus enabling the wearer to attract friends and loved ones.

      Element:       Spirit/Storm

      Zodiac:         Cancer, Libra, Aries

      Chakras:      Heart

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