Healing Crystals 101: Unlocking the Mystery of What You Need to Know

Healing Crystals 101

Healing Crystals 101: A Brief Intro

2020 turned out differently than many of us might have hoped for. With so many people staying indoors for so long, many people began looking for alternative medicine, and for help in bringing peace and calm back into their lives, and healing crystals could be just what we've needed. While not technically scientifically proven, healing crystals have long been used in various cultures around the world as an aid to healing. Believed to possess energy that can be harnessed and directed, healing crystals are thought to help heal physical, mental and emotional issues. Different types of healing crystals have different kinds of metaphysical energies, and these energies can be used to bring balance and harmony into your life.

In this article we will explore how different types of healing crystals can be used for their properties and discuss some of their unique benefits. We will look at how they work on a spiritual level, as well as provide insight into which healing crystal is best suited for your needs.

Why use Healing Crystals?

With a vast array of crystals available, many people have faith in their ability to heal the spirit, body, and mind. Numerous ancient societies, such as Egypt, Greece and China believed that crystals have the capacity to heal. In fact, this concept has been around for thousands of years! One basic principle of crystal healing is the idea that crystals can promote the flow of positive energy, clearing away negative energy from one's body and mind to bring about physical and emotional benefits. People can use the energy of crystals to help bring balance and peace to their lives. The efficacy of the use of healing crystals is intention based, directing the intended energy of the crystals towards a specific problem or area in their life they want to address.

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The Rationale Concept Behind Healing Crystals

Crystal healing is an intriguing field of study that has captivated people for centuries. While there is no scientific evidence to definitively prove their effectiveness, many people who practice this type of alternative healing believe in its power and potential. Healing crystals are thought to possess unique vibrational energies that can be harnessed and directed towards healing physical, mental and emotional issues. Through the use of specialized tools such as pendulums and dowsing rods, practitioners seek out areas where these energies can be concentrated for maximum benefit.

At the core of crystal healing is the concept of energy fields. These energy fields are believed to surround any object or living creature, including humans. Inanimate objects such as crystals are said to be conduits of energy that can be directed towards a person’s needs depending on their individual requirements. 

In order to understand how crystals work, it's important to acknowledge their structure and components. Healing crystals can be made up of various elements such as quartz, titanium dioxide, fluorite and calcite - each with its own unique energy signature and associated benefits. Some believe it is this molecular structure which grants crystals their healing abilities.

This concept is also utilized in chakra healing, where certain types of healing crystals are placed on parts of the body, generally along the 7 main chakra spots. It is believed that thereby the balance within an individual’s life force (or “aura”) can be restored. Some practitioners also utilize meditation techniques alongside crystal placement in order to increase the effectiveness of the process. Many claim that even after removing the healing crystals from their bodies, individuals experience long-lasting benefits from the session – further cementing faith in this alternative form of medicinal practice among believers.

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Which Healing Crystals to address which symptoms?

Different healing crystals are said to possess different healing properties. Here is a list of some of the most popular healing crystals:

Healing Crystals: Properties of Clear Quartz | The Spirit Stone

Clear Quartz is an incredibly powerful healing crystal that is believed to have numerous beneficial properties. It has been used in traditional healing practices for centuries and is known for its ability to aid in physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. The crystal is composed of silicon dioxide, and its hexagonal structure gives it a unique energy signature that helps it interact with the body's energy systems.

On a physical level, Clear Quartz has been used to treat a range of ailments from headaches and migraines to muscle tension and joint pain. Its purifying qualities help bring balance and equilibrium by flushing out toxins from the body. Additionally, some believe that Clear Quartz can be used to boost immunity levels, improve circulation, reduce inflammation, regulate hormones, and provide general health maintenance.

Emotionally speaking, Clear Quartz works to restore harmony by providing emotional clarity and focus. It helps clear away negative thoughts so that you can better process your feelings without being weighed down by them. In this regard, Clear Quartz also provides mental clarity which enables you to think more clearly about difficult decisions or situations. This particular stone also assists with spiritual growth by providing insight into the deeper aspects of life. Connecting with your higher self can help bring inner peace and understanding of your purpose in life.

In addition to its various healing crystal properties mentioned above, Clear Quartz works on an energetic level as well. When placed near other crystals or charged prior to use through meditation or intention setting practices such as Reiki or sound therapy, the crystal's energies become amplified allowing it greater potency in aiding in personal transformation and personal growth. Furthermore, when activated with intention-setting practices like these the crystal can work on multiple levels both physically as well as emotionally helping you on your path towards success in whatever area of life you focus on most strongly.

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Healing Crystals: Properties of Citrine | The Revitalizing Stone of Summer

The healing properties of Citrine are often touted for their powerful energizing effects and diverse therapeutic uses. This beautiful yellow healing crystal is composed of silicon dioxide and has a hexagonal structure that gives it a unique energy signature. This energy signature allows it to interact with the body's energy systems, providing a range of physical, emotional, spiritual, and even energetic benefits.

On the physical level, Citrine is often used to treat migraines and headaches, as well as joint pain and muscle tension. It is also believed to promote healthy circulation throughout the body, help flush out toxins, regulate hormones, reduce inflammation, boost immunity levels, and generally help maintain optimal physical health. Additionally, this sunny crystal has been used in ayurvedic treatments to treat digestive issues such as constipation or indigestion.

At an emotional level, Citrine works by bringing clarity and inner balance that helps you process your emotions without them becoming overwhelming. The sunny hue of this stone brings joy into your life which can alleviate feelings of stress or sadness. Additionally, working with this energizing healing crystal can bring mental clarity so that you can make important decisions more easily or think more clearly about difficult situations.

When used for spiritual development purposes, Citrine helps us connect with our higher selves in order to gain insight into the deeper aspects of life like our purpose on earth or our connection to the universe. This special crystal also amplifies other stones’ energies when placed near them due to its high vibration frequency; this makes it ideal for charging up other crystals prior to use in any kind of metaphysical practice like Reiki or sound therapy. And by setting intentions while using these practices with Citrine nearby can help bring about personal transformation and open doors for growth in all areas of our lives - both physical and emotional!

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Healing Crystals: Properties of Jade | The Stone of Heaven

The healing properties of Jade are widely known and revered, as it has been used for centuries as a powerful talisman for protection, good luck and health. It is believed to be one of the most potent stones of well-being, providing physical, emotional and spiritual healing on many levels.

Jade is composed mainly of two minerals - Nephrite and Jadeite - which give it its unique green hue that symbolizes growth, balance and prosperity. On the physical level, Jade helps promote healthy organ functioning by cleansing toxins from the body, boosting immunity levels and helping with digestive issues such as constipation or indigestion. It also aids in overall systemic regulation by enhancing blood circulation throughout the body. Physically speaking, this stone can also be used to reduce inflammation, treat pain such as headaches or migraines, improve sleep quality and even help regulate hormones in women’s reproductive health.

At an emotional level, Jade has strong calming effects that help dissolve negative emotions such as stress or anxiety while simultaneously allowing you to tap into your inner power of strength, courage and resilience. This powerful stone also provides clarity by cutting through confusion or clutter so that you can see situations more clearly without becoming overwhelmed. Furthermore, it helps restore balance between your mind, body and soul; fostering acceptance and providing opportunities for personal growth in all aspects of life.

Spiritually speaking, Jade is a very powerful stone that helps create a connection between your higher self and source energy (universe). This allows you to access knowledge beyond what is available in everyday life so that you can gain insight into the deeper aspects of life like understanding yourself on a profound level or discovering your purpose on earth. 

Additionally, this special crystal brings forth spiritual protection by warding off any energies that may not be beneficial to your highest good while simultaneously encouraging positive vibrations in its place.

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Healing Crystals: Properties of Kyanite | The Stone of Emotion

Kyanite is a beautiful, vibrant blue healing crystal that has many properties and is commonly used for spiritual and energetic work. It is a softer stone than many of its counterparts, making it more comfortable to wear or carry. It is composed of aluminum silicate and possesses strong metaphysical abilities which can be used for healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

On the physical level, Kyanite helps to detoxify the body by cleansing it of negative energies. It also boosts immunity levels while improving blood circulation throughout the body. Furthermore, this powerful crystal can help reduce inflammation and soothe pain such as headaches or migraines. It is also believed to have beneficial effects on other organs of the body including the heart, kidneys and reproductive organs. Additionally, it has even been known to improve sleep quality by aiding those who suffer from insomnia or other sleep-related issues.

At an emotional level, Kyanite has calming properties that promote inner balance while encouraging one to look at situations objectively without being overwhelmed by emotions such as stress or anxiety. This soothing crystal also helps ground individuals in their present reality while allowing them to gain insight into their own thoughts and feelings so that they may gain clarity over any confusion or clutter within their mind.

On a mental level, Kyanite encourages clear thinking by helping to unblock creative energies which can lead to greater focus and concentration when needed. This powerful stone also stimulates communication skills which can increase one’s ability to express oneself clearly and confidently in any situation. Furthermore, it enhances problem-solving skills as well as intuition - allowing its user to tap into higher knowledge beyond what is available in everyday life in order to gain deeper understanding of themselves as well as others around them.

Spiritually speaking, Kyanite provides protection against negative energies while opening doorways for growth along each person's personal spiritual path. Not only does this special crystal help connect its users with source energy (universe), but it also encourages self-transformation through increased clarity over personal intentions - aiding those seeking meaningful change within their lives on all levels: physical, mental; emotional; and spiritual!

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Healing Crystals: Properties of Red Jasper | The Stone of Endurance

Red Jasper is a deep red, opaque gemstone with a strong connection to the earth and its energy. This vibrant healing crystal has many healing properties that can benefit physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

On a physical level, Red Jasper helps to stimulate circulation while promoting detoxification of the body. Additionally, it is believed to help strengthen cardiovascular systems and boost immunity levels, providing protection against viruses and other illnesses. Furthermore, this vibrant crystal helps reduce inflammation making it beneficial for those suffering from physical pain such as headaches or joint stiffness. It is even said to aid in organ functioning including that of the heart, liver and reproductive organs.

At an emotional level, Red Jasper brings balance and stability to its user; helping them stay grounded in their present reality while encouraging self-awareness and personal growth along their journey. It helps one gain insight into their own thoughts by helping them tap into their inner wisdom – allowing clarity over any confusion or clutter within the mind without being overwhelmed by emotions such as stress or anxiety. On top of this, this soothing crystal brings courage when facing difficult times - giving its user strength when they need it most!

On a mental level, Red Jasper stimulates clear thinking by boosting creativity and focus which can lead to improved problem-solving skills as well as intuition. This powerful stone also aids communication – assisting its user in expressing themselves more clearly while increasing self-confidence in any situation they find themselves in.

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Wrappiing things up!!

In summary, while we could have chosen any assortment of stones, we've attempted to balance some of the stones showcased with various healing properties. The possibilities are seemingly endless. Our recommendation would be to choose an assortment of stones on your own, begin to bring them into your daily yoga, meditation, and prayer practices, and see first hand which stones work best for you.

If you have any questions along your journey, please do feel free to comment below, as our team would be more than happy to offer you any advice.

Namaste, and may you all find Inner Bliss!!!

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