Pietersite (彼得石)

Pietersite (彼得石)



      * Discharges Negativity * Protects Aura * Energy Field * Renews Confidence * Boosts Morale * Meditation * Restores Calm Nature * Increases Self Esteem * Renewed Vigor * Heightened Awareness * Visionary * Supportive * Encouraging * Pick Me Up * Intuition * Journeying * Transformation *

      Pietersite is a noticeably strong crystal that works to activate and unlock your third eye and solar plexus chakras. When these two chakras are working in unison, endless opportunities and outcomes can arise. Our will power kicks in, and our third eye opens, allowing us to see our destinies, and walk the pathways towards seeing our dreams come true. Pietersite helps us input our will, allowing us to drive off drive off our own internal passions. Focus, drive, and determination will peak using this stone, and an uncontrollable desire to get things done will result. This is the perfect stone for putting idea into action, and to begin any of the tasks that you might have been putting off for a while.

      This is such a powerful stone, that gains momentum the more it gets going, so do be careful in the early stages of use. We recommend meditating with this stone over your third eye to fully unlock it’s capabilities. Allow the dreams and imagery show you the path you want to take in this world. This stone works wonders if you've experienced recent bouts of laziness or complacency, as it challenges you to get up and get at it. Its the perfect stone if you're trying any new exercise or routines, as it gives you the energy to keep going. That's why it's so beneficial for any energy related illnesses (fatigue, hypothyroidism, diabetes, etc.). This is an excellent stone to add to your personal collection.

      Element:       Air

      Zodiac:         Leo, Sagittarius

      Chakras:      Third Eye, Solar Plexus, Sacral

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