Rose Quartz (粉晶)

Rose Quartz (粉晶)



      * Anxiety Relief * Self Love * Compassion * Forgiveness * Warmth * Reduces Separation Anxiety * Nature's Embrace * Motherly Love  * Gentleness Towards Self * Limits Feelings of Abandonment * Nurturing * Soulmate * Healing * Release * Empathy * Cleansing * Relaxation * 

      This beautiful pink quartz is associated with the heart and expressing unconditional love to self, others, and the planet. A wonderful stone to invite love, assist in giving love and even attract your soulmate, rose quartz is all about the heart. Wear or carry rose quartz to open yourself up to finding love if you’re single, and to deepen and nurture your love if you’re in a relationship. Centered around the heart chakra, rose quartz can be used for deep emotional healing and release. Rose Quartz carries a feminine energy that encourages compassion, peace, tenderness and healing which brings forth feelings of nourishment and comfort. This stone’s vibrations cleanse the emotions and the entire auric field, healing the heart of its wounds. It promotes the release of tension and stress, dissolution of anger and resentment, and dispelling of fear and suspicion, providing a rebirth of hope and faith. It also aids in healing from physical heart disease and trauma. When meditating with Rose Quartz one can feel the immediate connection it has to the heart as the soothing energies envelope and rejuvenate it. The energy can then expand from the heart, throughout the body and to all chakras bringing them to a perfect harmonious balance with the will of the pure heart.

      Element:         Water

      Zodiac:          Taurus, Libra

      Chakras:        Heart

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