Agate (Various) (瑪瑙)



      * Energizing * Grounding * Stabalizing * Abundance * Vibrational * Transitional * Boosted Metabolism * Digestive * Self Confidence * Positive Change * Renewed Vigor * Mental Clarity * Me First * Escape Group Think *

      The beautiful banding and range of colors that make up the Agate gemstone family grouping, from the green and blue swirls of the stones we've already covered (Moss Agate, Blue Lace Agate), to the crazy and veinlike patterns (Agatized Coral, Alashan Agate, Crazy Lace Agate, Orca Agate, Fire Agate, Dragon Vein Agate). Agate is one of the most widely encompassing crystal bases on the market. Lucky for us, Agate comes in every imaginable color and pattern, and each version of this bright and banded chalcedony brings its own unique potency and powers to the table. All Agate's carry lower vibrational frequencies, they're careful to not overwhelm you with their subtlety, making them the perfect stone for someone in need of grounding. All Agates share similar traits, including that they add stability, they're grounding, and that they keep you open minded so that your able to receive whatever abundance the cosmos have in store for you. Agate is known to boost self confidence, and enables you to make up your mind on decisions that you've been putting off, and gives you the wearwithal to stick to your initial instincts, teaching you not to waiver when faced with external pressures to comply. Agate often enhances our mental functions, sharpens our focus, and help keep our minds clear of the clutter and distractions that would typically render us incapable of taking the steps we need to inflict positive change in our lives. As they help us shed the scales of our old selves, this stone helps us remain grounding as we tread on familiar grounds with renewed vigor.

      Element:   Earth, Water, Air & Fire

      Zodiac:      Cancer, Taurus, Virgo, Pisces

      Chakras:   Sacral, Root

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