Agatized Coral (化石珊瑚)



      * Support * Healing * Strength * Protects Your Energies * Aura Shield * Grounding * Creates & Sustains * Modifies * New Idea to End Result * Soothes Writer's Block * Calming * Lessening of Anger * Mental Clarity to See One's Wrongs * Conflict Avoidance * Easy Resolution of Differences * 

      Agatized Coral is a light brown stone with creamy fossilized coral spots that resemble ocean petals that have been frozen in time. They occur naturally when the silica in ocean water hardens and replaces the original corals with Agate, all without losing its original form. This stone works wonders in the treatment of a multitude of mental and emotional issues, trauma recovery, therapy, and so much more. This stone allows for for creativity and excitement of new ideas, almost an over embellishment, without losing sight of the original purpose, allowing one to inspiration of new ideas, seeing them all the way through to a finalized product, thus it is wonderful for creatives (artists, musicians, etc.). It's calming nature allows the user to see the errors of their own ways, leading to conflict avoidance, and easy resolution of differences. Works great in aiding in the mending of past differences with friends or loved ones, as it allows for old wounds to mend, and the mental clarity of how to enunciate one's thoughts without upsetting the other party. This is a great stone to aid in the physical recovery of illnesses that might weaken the bones or structure of the individual, such as arthritis, etc.

      Element:   Water

      Zodiac:      Cancer, Pisces

      Chakras:   Sacral

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