Ammolite (斑彩石)

Ammolite (斑彩石)



      * Perfection * Renewal of Spirit * Auto-Immune System * Soothing Calming Energy * Wisdom * Clears Stress * Encourages Acceptance of Others * Protection * Increase Stamina * Guide Develop and Maintain Emotional Growth *

      The name “Ammolite” is derived from the ancient Egyptian God, Ammon, who was characterized by a head of the ram with twisted horns, comparable to the twisted shape of the crustaceous shell. This stone is believed to hold the energies and vibrations of the universe! The energies of this stone will help you have a better understanding of the cycles of creation and the necessary evolutionary shifts. It will bring you prosperity, fortune, and luck. It’s also a stone that will help you reach deep meditative states. When you use this stone often enough, it will also enhance your lucid state and give you prophetic dreams. Ammolite is best for people who need steadiness, structure, and grounding in their lives. You’ll find a sudden upswing in energy when you keep the stone on or near your person. In addition, Ammolite helps protect both the mother and newborn during childbirth. 

      Elements:    Fire, Earth, Water & Air

      Zodiac:        Aquarius

      Chakras:      Root (helps channel and attune your energies)

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