Black (Norwegian) Moonstone (黑月長石)



      * Knowledge * Intuition * Connection * Strength * Stability * New Beginnings * Rebirth * Nurturing * Self Love & Forgiveness * Empathetic * Balancing * Protection * Calmness * Maintains Composure * Security * Limits Pre-Judgement of Others * Grounding * Self Discipline * Nourishing * Resolution * Self Discovery * Dispelling Negative Energies * Higher Self * Expels Emotions Not Serving Higher Good * Growth * Ends Mourning * Lend Sympathetic Ear *

      Black or Norwegian Moonstone is often referred to as the stone of Empathy. We often find ourselves face to face with negativity, whether within ourselves, or externally from friends, colleagues and family. This stone allows you to lend a helpful ear, a shoulder to lean on so to speak, all the while providing a grounding and protective shield to protect your aura from negative vibrations. Whether intentional or not, the negative emotions flowing from those around us can seep their way into our consciousness, however carrying Black Moonstone allows you to offer the sympathetic hand to loved ones without their toxicity affecting how we ourselves feel and handle situations. When one gets down on themselves, it's extremely difficult to garner the positive energy within and make a change, however this stone allows us to escape from our repetitive patterns that might not serve our highest good, push past emotional distress. The stone allows for mindfulness, living in the present, and not worrying how current woes might negatively impact our future plans. Typically, when you spend lots of time with someone (friends, family, coworkers, etc.), you might lower your guard, often times allowing for negative emotions from one person to become your thoughts and emotions, a subconscious lowering of the guard. Carrying this stone around these people will allow you to continue opening up your heart to them, while it provides you with the stability needed to provide encouraging advice to see your loved ones positively through these troubling times.

      Element:       Air, Water

      Zodiac:          Aquarius, Cancer

      Chakras:      Crown, Third Eye, Root

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