Botswana Agate (博茨瓦納瑪瑙)

Botswana Agate (博茨瓦納瑪瑙)



      * Transition * New Beginnings * Strengthens Through Challenges * Awareness of Collective Consciousness * Creates Unity * Dispels Negativity * Limits Critique of Others * Spiritual Awakening & Growth * Inner Stability * Enlightening * Breaks Down Internal Barriers * Vibrating *

      Botswana Agate is a soothing stone that helps in times of transition. The energies of the stone can help to reassure you that everything is going to be alright and that you will come out of a current circumstance, stronger, happier, and better. It will make you strong and brave against challenges and will help to protect you. Botswana Agate helps to raise awareness of the collective consciousness and the oneness of all of life. It encourages deep contemplation of the circumstances of one's life that have lead to strength, spiritual growth, and inner stability. This miraculous stone helps one see what it is they truly need and want to get out of this life experience, while providing one the mental strength to untimely make the change they ever so desire.

      Element:   Air & Fire

      Zodiac:      Gemini, Scorpio

      Chakras:   Root

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