Hematoid Quartz (金色治療師石英)



      * Grounding * Gentle Self Expression * Focus * Manifestation * Wisdom * Balance * Wealth * Abundance * Clarity of Thought * Healing * Motivation * Amplifies Lessons of Past to Aid Future * Self Discovery * Self Esteem * Sense of Purpose * Self Worth * Mastering Fear * Lessons Learned * Decisiveness * Breaking Addictions * New Found Confidence * Transforms Negative Into Positive *

      Hematoid Quartz, or perhaps better known as The Golden Healer, is one of the higher frequency stones that can be found, and the healing benefits are seemingly endless. The inclusions captured within the stone work in tandem with the quartz to bring physical and tangible evidence to the good intentions set forth. The stone is great for self discovery, and realizing and reaching your potential, on a physical, mental, and even financial level. This stones works wonders while setting your daily intentions during your meditation sessions. Golden Healer Quartz activates all three of your lower chakras, effectively grounding your highest intentions that serve you down to the physical level, so that your hopes and dreams might actually come true. This stone removes the self doubts and criticisms that might get in the way, clouding your better judgement, so that you can take the steps forward that will move you toward success. Having a transformative effect, the stone will help replace a lack of self worth and appreciation, with renewed confidence and self esteem, and then some.

      Element:   Fire & Earth

      Zodiac:     All Signs (Especially Scorpio)

      Chakras:  Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root