Ocean Jasper (海洋碧玉)

Ocean Jasper (海洋碧玉)



      * Will Power * Motivation * Physical Healing * PTSD * Nurturing * New Beginnings * Trauma * Truth * Spiritual Awakening * Inner Peace * Peace of Mind * Relaxing * Mental Clarity * Clairvoyance * Patience * Generosity * Clarity * Courage * Confidence * Compassion *

      Ocean Jasper is a perfect stone to assist in finding and unlocking your inner voice, allowing the user to find solace in the decisions they have made. In the path to healing, this stone activates and aligns our solar plexus, heart, and throat chakras. As such, this highly energetic channel is placed into overdrive, allowing the wearer the ability to combine their will with their emotions, pushing one to achieve joy, happiness and emotional stability. Ocean Jasper helps one release any tensions or strains from the heart, allowing you to externalize any internal stress, urging you to vocalize and move forward from these emotional issues. Just as water will find its natural path, this stone encourages its wearer to go with the flow, accepting life as it comes.

      This stone is great when used in meditation, simply close your eyes and imagine yourself floating in the ocean. Start by regulating your heartbeat, then move on to long steadied breathes. Along the journey, picture the waves carrying you to a place of deep surrender, and release of emotional baggage. Open your mind to the release, speak it into existence, and reinforce it with positive affirmations. Continue the process until your mind has been cleared, as this exercise can help you with overcoming the strings that are attached to traumatic experiences. Allow the negative emotions to be simply washed away as the beachfront in the clearing of each tide.

      Elements:     Water, Earth

      Zodiac:         Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces

      Chakras:      Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus

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