Peach Moonstone (桃月亮石)



      * Divine Inspiration * Intuition * Motivation * Will Power * Stability * Inspiration * Soothing * Nurturing * Self Love & Forgiveness * Life's Path * True Calling * Higher Self * Self Compassion * Gentleness * Self Discipline * Mastering Fear * Stress Relief * Spiritual Awakening * Empathy * Best Intentions * Self Intimacy *

      Peach Moonstone is similar to other forms of Moonstone in that it is filled with divine feminine energy, however it offer a special connection to the heart, allowing your best intentions to come to fruition. Where Peach Moonstone begins to set itself apart from the others is in terms of inward reflection. You can set yourself in isolation with this stone, tune the world out, and sit in silent solace as you turn off the self criticisms, and begin to allow self compassion to shine. As your guard begins to release, you can learn to rekindle self intimacy, allowing for creativity and passion to flourish. The stone will help you streamline to the things that make you most happy in the world. Typically, our minds are stuffed and cluttered with nonsense from our day to day, that often we lose sense of our own personal direction, tastes, and preferences, and we often lose touch with our own inner voice, as we so often listen to the voice of others (friends, society, etc.). The vibrations of self love and compassion that ooze from this stone will have your heart centered on positivity and joy, and thus all tasks that are completed with this stone will be done to perfection. Repeated sessions will have your heart center buzzing, that even your friends and colleagues will begin to take notice of the renewed vigor, as it might even have an effect to help them realign themselves as well. And just like the lunar cycle, Peach Moonstone is thought to help us move through different stages in our lives gracefully.

      Element:       Air & Water

      Zodiac:          Gemini, Libra, Cancer

      Chakras:      Crown, Third Eye, Heart, Sacral

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