Petrified Wood (木化石)

Petrified Wood (木化石)



      * Renewed Fortune * Calming * Settles Nerves * Overcomes Fears * Security * Stability * Ancient Wisdom * Meditation * Higher Connection * Past Lives * Enchanting * Psychic Connection * Enhanced Awareness * Allows for Calm Resolution of Disputes * Determination * Healing Energy * Nurturing * Mother's Embrace * Problem Solving * Reaching Solutions * 

      Trees represent life and eternal wisdom, and Petrified Wood amplifies things to a whole new platform. The Earth energies present in this stone will calm your nerves and ease your fears. It will fill you with feelings of security, stability, and well-being. Petrified Wood is an ideal stone for meditation because it will guide you in knowing what’s important and what’s not. It will encourage you to stop obsessing about the things that you cannot control. When Petrified Wood connects to your root and third eye chakras, you will experience an increased sense of awareness and determination. The energies of Petrified Wood will give you stability and help you recognize the best solutions for your problems. Due to its direct connection to Mother Nature, we have noticed the enhanced energies that working with Petrified Wood emanates resonate at a much higher frequency when being channeled outside (especially during the hours of dawn or dusk). The natural sounds of life are much more noticeable, enhanced into total life force energy. Much like ancient civilizations, we can use sound and frequencies as a healer, releasing total control to the vibrational energy. Petrified Wood promotes an energetic cleanse and transfer of grounding energy to our physical bodies so that the Earth may heal us once more. It's no wonder that this stone is often referred to as the stone of breaking new ground, as its mind clearing energies often assist the user in reaching final solutions that have been recently elusive.

      Element:      Earth

      Zodiac:        Leo, Virgo

      Chakras:      Third Eye, Root

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