Candles - Crafted by Hand w/ Healing Crystals



      Enhance your ambiance with Hong Kong's ONLY line of healing crystal candles, featuring in-house crafted vessels and hand-poured candles. We take pride in our unique, locally-made creations. Our high-quality, natural wax blends burn cleaner and longer, ensuring hours of soothing candlelight without harmful toxins. In a world of mass production, we celebrate craftsmanship and support local artisans. Our candles, infused with healing crystals, harmonize the elements, creating a sacred space for manifestation, meditation, and spiritual growth. Illuminate your space, unwind, and immerse yourself in the healing energy.

      Infused with healing crystals, our line harmonizes the four elements:

      • The flame enhances fire, unveiling crystal beauty.
      • Solid crystals embody earth, grounding energy and providing stability.
      • As candles melt, water is activated, symbolizing purification and emotional healing.
      • Rising smoke invokes air, carrying intentions into the universe.
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