Super Seven (超級七天然水晶)

Super Seven (超級七天然水晶)



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      Super Seven is said to be a combination of seven different mineral varieties: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Rutile, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Cacoxenite (sometimes there are inclusions of Hematite as well). It is not always possible to see the evidence of their presence within the crystals, as they are often extremely small particles within the crystals. Super Seven amplifies the vibrations of other crystals in its vicinity. It can cleanse the Crown chakra, but will align all the chakras and is believed to be an all-around healing stone. Amethyst Cacoxenite allows us to feel confidence in ourselves as well as our work and environments. It is beneficial for increasing psychic awareness, intuition and angel work. Their vibration reaffirms your personal power and allows you to use your gifts to aid both your personal ascension and that of the entire planet. As the process continues and your gifts develop more fully you may find that your psychic knowing becomes a lot more accurate, and you will be led to the knowledge about the right action to take in your life going forward. Even if the different minerals cannot be seen to be part of the physical Super Seven crystal, their energy is present within the stone... as these stones embody the vibration of the whole area where they came from. These amazing crystals are found in only one place in Brazil, and all of the stones carry this very high energy and amazing vibration.

      These stones give us guidance to aid us to help to change the vibratory level of the whole planet. This process of 'ascension' involves not only the people but the whole planet, which is moving to a higher level vibrationally, and is aided by this amazing stone. One of the best ways to use these stones is to meditate with them, daily if possible, in a meditation to boost psychic abilities. It is also helpful to keep them close to you for extended periods. If you keep them close, you may find that their energy has a beneficial result, on many levels, for your personal healing. As you continue to use Melody's Stone regularly, the vibration of this stone begins to bring new levels of gifts into your awareness. It is known to aid some people to be able to see auras, as well as increasing psychic abilities. This includes increasing your intuition, boosting clairvoyant abilities, ESP, channeled writing, direct channeling, clairaudience or psychic hearing, clairsentience or clear feeling and to boost your telepathic abilities. By sleeping with one of these stones under your pillow, you may awake feeling a deep sense of peace, harmony and contentment. Use it in your daily crystal meditation, as by meditating with these stones you may find that many different psychic communication abilities may be accentuated and stimulated.

      These stones are often quite beautiful, and it is quite common for them to be crafted into quite extraordinary pieces worn as jewelry. It is an Aries birthstone, and birthstone jewelry made from this stone may be available. Wearing Super Seven is an excellent idea, as keeping this stone within your auric field is energetically stimulating. This is definitely one of Inner Bliss's TOP 5 Best Stones

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