Green Epidote (綠簾)



      * Intuition * Foresight * Lucid Dreaming * Dream Stone * Interpret Life Lessons * Kindness * Compassion * Generosity * Manages Weight * Abundance * Balancing * Strength * Love in Relationships * Power to Take Necessary Steps * Prosperity * Law of Attraction *

      Epidote is basically a magnet stone, as it enhances any energies that come its way, good or bad. Wearers and users should actually beware and take care, because while it could very well enhance the effects of one of your best days, it could also amplify any negative emotions or energies that you might be experiencing. If you have already experienced some bad steps before leaving the house, it might serve you to leave this one at home that day. As with any stone however, as long as you set positive intensions from the onset, this little wonder will settle your nerves and get you well on your way to a day riddled with good fortunes. On top of attracting the energies around you and your environment,  it will also help attract your desires that you programmed into the Epidote. It mainly attracts abundance, prosperity, and creativity, but can also be programmed to assist in finding love and relationships. Epidote is not one for freeloaders, as it certainly takes work, however you get what you put in, and then some. Epidote is a catalyst of change, and anything can happen in your love life if you have this powerful stone with you

      Elements:    Water & Earth

      Zodiac:         Gemini, Virgo, Libra

      Chakras:      All 114 (Mainly Heart)

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