Kunzite (紫鋰輝石)

Kunzite (紫鋰輝石)



      * Creativity * Loving Kindness * Lasting Relationships * Calming * Wisdom * Unity of Heart & Will * Clarity * Intuition * Self Healing * Compassion * Mends Broken Heart * Encourages Forgiveness * New Beginnings * Rejuvenation * Nurturing * Self Discovery * Devotion *

      Kunzite is easily one of the more calming crystals in existence, as its soft pink hues remind you of cotton candy at the childhood fairs. Your first glance at this shimmering crystal will surely captivate your heart and lower your blood pressure, as it mends damaged nerves, and fills your heart with the hope of renewed love. This is a crystal that is here to remind us that despite times of hardship and trouble, nothing can’t be overcome and our greatest strength comes from having a trusting and open heart. It’s a stone known for being incredibly effective at clearing emotional blockages, especially when it comes to the heart. This crystal teaches you to relearn how to trust your heart and your initial instincts, make well thought out decisions, and move forward with confidence in your inner voice. Having such a positive influence on all things related to the heart, there is no surprise that it connects so positively to the heart chakra.

      Elements:  Water

      Zodiac:      Scorpio, Taurus, Leo

      Chakras:    Heart

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