Landscape Jasper (圖畫碧玉)

Landscape Jasper (圖畫碧玉)



      * Controls Emotional Outbursts * Grounding * Connection to Mother Earth * Intuition * Protection * Healing * Uplifting * Expanded Awareness * Pain Relief * Reduced Recovery Time * Birthing Stone * Inner Silence * Mindfulness * Transformation * Anxiety Relief * Relieves Self Doubt * Memory Recall * Mental Clarity * Positive Outlook on Future * Connection to Mother Earth * Balances Menstrual Cycle *

      Landscape, or Picture Jasper is a landscape stone that has been used throughout history as a grounding stone, and due to its storied past, it helps with giving us a glimpse into the distant past. With direct ties to the local landscape and nature, the stone is believed to help us find our paths in life. If we feel misguided, or a loss of sense of general direction in life, wearing this simple stone will help us escape the confines of modern pressures, allowing for a timeless release, allowing us to seek what is truly important in life. Landscape Jasper aids inner silence and enhances the ability to recall earlier or childhood memories, so they can both be understood and bring new meaning into your life's purpose. Often interpreted as receiving direct messages from Mother Earth herself, this stone instills a sense of proportion, comfort, collective harmony, and alleviation of fear. Aiding in recovery of both body and mind, this stone has been used historically by hand maidens in childbirth, leaving some to refer to it as "the birthing stone," as it often aids in the recovery time of pregnancies and general illnesses. Believed to recieve its powers directly from the Earth, an energy of comforting warmth, harmony and spiritual rest are undeniable. After receiving these gifts, creativity is known to flow, as mental blockages are now cleared, artists and musicians alike draw inspiration for their respective works. Landscape Jasper also works wonders for entrepreneurs, as wearing the stone over an extended period of time can instil self-confidence, creative vision and support when starting a business. As with most grounding stones, Landscape Jasper is a soothing stone, making it ideal for meditation or to establish higher energy connections. The grounding nature also assists to settle tempers and outbursts of raw emotion.

      Element:       Fire

      Zodiac:         Leo

      Chakras:      Third Eye, Solar Plexus, Root

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