Opal (澳寶)

Opal (澳寶)



      * Will Power * Creativity * Abundance * Balancing * Harmonizing * Inspires Confidence * Self Love * Internal Clarity * Inner Voice * Clarity of Thought * Inner Acceptance * Dispels Impulsive Thoughts & Action * Forgiveness *

      Opal strives to bring harmony and balance to its wearer, and those within close proximity. Packed with buzzing energy, this stone encourages you not to doubt your first instincts, and to dig a little deeper than surface level insecurities, unlocking confidence in one's abilities. Similar to a detective with his magnifying glass, Opal is notorious for magnifying and amplifying our inner thoughts, taking an impulse and shining light, encouraging us to remove unwanted clutter, and remove clouded emotions. Opal encourages forgiveness, in ourselves and others, by letting go of old wounds, removal of repetitive patterns that do not serve our highest good, and to learn from past lessons that have caused us pain. The stone helps us take a deep dive within ourselves, allowing us to understand certain triggers that we might not know that we have, underlining the source of pain and trauma, in efforts to move on with more clarity towards a brighter future. This maturity is pure magic and heals relationships deeply without invalidating our own feelings. During the middle Ages in Europe many believed the Opal Gemstone had the power to make some people invisible. This superstition contributed to a negative view on the stone. People became suspicious and the stone got the unflattering and undeserving nickname as “the Stone of Thieves”. One thing is certain today, with this stone by your side, you'll not seek for external acceptance as you learn to love yourself, as that's where Inner Bliss begins.

      Element:       Water & Fire

      Zodiac:         Scorpio, Libra

      Chakras:      Solar Plexus, Sacral

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